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What is TravelNuts?

TravelNuts is a sleek tool that lives on your hotel's website and it allows your customers to book not just a room at your hotel, but also everything else they want to book for their trip, such as transportation, activities, live events, tours, and a lot more.

How it Works

TravelNuts works like an e-commerce platform. It allows you to invite the tour and activity providers you already work with, so that your customers can conveniently book their offerings online, directly on your website, and at the time of reservation. TravelNuts does not substitute the reservation system you already use, but works with it, so that there is absolutely no disruption of how you currently run things!

Hotel Benefits

Amazing and centralized booking experience for the traveler

Absolutely seamless for the hotel: we run all the processes in the background

Reduced cancellation rates: travelers that have purchased activities for a trip are 30% less likely to cancel the reservation at your hotel

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Contact us and we will provide you with our system for free for 30 days, in order for you to experience:
- Increased conversion rates
- Increased traveler's satisfaction
- Cost savings: TravelNuts will automate a lot of back-end processes you are managing manually now, when you help your customers sign up for activities around your hotel